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Understanding Soft-Tissue Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries as a result of a motor vehicle collision can be incredibly challenging. The nature of the injuries and the recovery time vary from person-to-person. That’s why it is important to have an injury lawyer who is familiar with soft-tissue injury claims. You should be focusing on your recovery, and the process that will take, while your accident injury lawyer handles your case. However, if you’ve been injured in a car accident, and are suffering from soft-tissue injuries it is important to understand the specific elements that make soft-tissue injury law unique versus broken bones or other injuries that are common in motor vehicle collisions. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basics of soft-tissue injures and things to consider when choosing an injury lawyer.

The Minor Injury Regulation or The Cap

In 2004, Alberta introduced the minor injury regulation or “the cap” on minor injuries defined as sprains, strains, or whiplash-associated disorder (WAD) injuries that do not cause serious impairment. You will hear lots of discussion from friends, family, your insurance company, and others you discuss your injury with that it is likely under the minor injury regulation.

The most important thing to do if you believe your injury falls under the Alberta minor injury regulation is to get the opinion of a soft-tissue injury lawyer – an injury lawyer with extensive experience in Alberta, with the minor injury regulation. There is much discussion online about the minor injury regulation, however as mentioned previously, no two soft-tissue injury claims are alike.

If you believe your case is impacted by the minor injury regulation or “the cap”, Rick Mallett of Hammer Injury Law offers free consultations. Do not proceed with your file as if it is capped without talking to an experienced injury lawyer.

Understanding Soft-Tissue Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries are injuries that involve damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Some common types of injuries that you may encounter are:

  • Sprains – injuries to ligaments caused by being stretched beyond their capacity
  • Strains – Injuries to muscles or tendons due to overstretching
  • Contusions – Commonly known as bruises, caused by  blows or impacts
  • Whiplash – this is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid, back-and-forth movement of the neck similar to cracking a whip. This motion can injure bones in the spine, disks between the bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and other tissues of the neck. It is common from rear-end car collisions.

Symptoms often include pain, swelling, bruising, weakness, and limited range of motion. Soft-tissue injuries are painful and can be slow healing. It is important to have these injuries examined by a medical professional to determine the nature and extent of your injury and determine a treatment plan.

The recovery time for soft-tissue injuries, and if you achieve a complete recovery varies from person-to-person. Thus, it is important to get medical advice specifically to your injuries and your situation.

Choose an injury-lawyer Familiar with Soft-Tissue Injury Claims

The injury lawyer you choose to represent your case in your soft-tissue injury claim is an important decision. Soft-tissue injuries can be difficult to prove and determining the losses based on the injury requires a skilled approach and a knowledge of the right experts to help support your claim.

Insurance companies and even the general public can be skeptical of soft-tissue injury claims, and you can face challenges with getting people to believe the extent of your claim. However, a compassionate and experienced injury lawyer who works with soft-tissue injury claims frequently can help support you in these challenging times. Additionally, they’ll know the best approach to maximize your claim and ensure you receive the settlement you need to recover and maintain the quality of life you are used to.

Due to the minor injury cap, insurance companies will likely try and argue against the validity of your soft-tissue injury claim. You need a strong advocate who will fight back against the insurance company.  Hammer Injury Law Founder Rick Mallett, has represented victims of soft-tissue injuries for over 33 years. He understands the playbook insurance companies will draw from and can represent you to ensure you achieve the settlement you deserve.

Hammer Injury Law Will Fight For Soft-Tissue Injury Victims

Hammer Injury Law understands soft-tissue injury law. We know the challenges and frustration that these injuries can cause. Being in a car accident is scary, having an injury that is so variable is hard. We support our clients, and ensure they can focus on their recovery while we focus on achieving the largest settlements available.

We operate on a contingency fee model. Thus, you do not pay anything up front, and we only take a percentage fee of the settlement that you receive.

Call The Hammer Today

If you’re grappling with the aftermath of a soft-tissue injury from a car accident, know that you’re not alone. Reach out to The Hammer, Rick Mallett, for a compassionate ear and a helping hand. In your free consultation, Rick will guide you through every step, ensuring you fully understand your rights and the path forward. He’s committed to helping you secure the settlement you rightfully deserve, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: your healing and recovery. Don’t bear this burden alone or let the pain extend a moment longer than necessary. Let Rick be your advocate and ally in this journey toward justice and healing.