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How does the motor vehicle collision process work

Our first step:

We will retain experts such as accident reconstruction and engineers to document the accident scene and inspect the vehicles involved.

Newer vehicles on the road today have a computer module known as an event data recorder (EDR). The EDR records data such as vehicle speed and braking. Our experts will make sure this data is available to protect your interests. Other evidence gathering includes witness statements, dashcam video. When necessary, we may even have a drone fly over the accident scene to document what we need!

2nd step:

We will help you with any insurance benefit issues and will set up medical assessments with experts as needed. We will contact the at fault insurance company so YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY about communications with the other side. We have been doing this for 3 DECADES and know how to effectively advocate for you!

3rd step:

It is possible to settle some cases without having to pursue pre-trial steps. We will continue to obtain medical and income loss and other information to support your claim on an ongoing basis. We will walk you through it every step.

Settlement negotiations are possible at any stage of the case – experienced lawyers know when and how to get your case settled. Hammer Injury Law has the experience to make sure you get the MAXIMUM that you deserve.

Some cases have to proceed through mediation-some go to trial. We are with you all the way. We are in your corner!