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Edmonton’s Go-To Class Action Lawyer: Rick Mallett

The city of Edmonton has a rich history of industry, innovation, and commerce, making it a prime location for both business opportunities and unfortunately, corporate missteps. When businesses overreach, or when the actions of a few harm the many, Rick Mallett of Hammer Injury Law is ready and waiting to hold them accountable by conducting a class action lawsuit.

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One must first grasp the weight of class action lawsuits to understand Rick’s significance in Edmonton’s legal landscape. These lawsuits aren’t just about compensating those who have been wronged; they’re about holding powerful entities accountable and ensuring they can’t harm others in the same way again. Rick’s achievements in class action law resulted in him being named Best Lawyer‘s Lawyer of the Year for Class Action Litigation in 2023.

Rick has been featured and cited in media outlets as a leading authority on various facets of class action law. His insights and expertise are highly sought after, establishing him as a cornerstone of knowledge in the realm of class action legislation within the legal community of Western Canada.

Why Are Class Actions Important?

Class action lawsuits can be a daunting challenge. They often involve going up against powerful corporations with deep pockets and teams of lawyers. However, Rick Mallett has never shied away from these challenges. Instead, he has consistently shown that justice can prevail with tenacity, expertise, and genuine concern for the affected individuals. He understands the importance of class action lawsuits in our legal system.

Class action lawsuits significantly influence public awareness about deceptive business practices. Often, through the media and word of mouth regarding class action litigation, people understand that a product or service they are using could cause them harm. While the primary role of a class action lawsuit is to provide a settlement and closure to the victims directly impacted, the corporate accountability and public awareness they can bring to a situation is essential.

Class action lawsuits allow access to justice for many people who suffered the same or a similar harm. The alternative of a class action is many individuals launching single cases, which may not be feasible for the victim or the court system. Combining these victims into a class action allows them to level the playing field and pool their resources to get a more robust representation against powerful corporations.

Beyond facilitating access to justice, class action litigation serves as a powerful tool for addressing and remedying systemic issues. Recent class action lawsuits in Canada, particularly those centred around discrimination and the rights of historically underrepresented groups, have illuminated the persistent structural challenges within our societal fabric. By spotlighting these issues and demanding accountability, class action lawsuits are indispensable in propelling our nation toward greater inclusivity, understanding, and equity.

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Hammer Injury Law is actively investigating numerous class action lawsuits at any given time. If you believe a corporation, facility or institution has wronged you, do not hesitate to contact The Hammer, Rick Mallett at Hammer Injury Law. He is considering Class Actions relating to utilities, telecommunications companies, food safety and food poisoning, health and wellness providers, automakers, governments, churches and other entities.  Contact us at the form below, and Rick will assess your claim and help you understand what options are available to you.