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Does my injury lawyer need to be in Yukon?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Whitehorse, Dawson City, Carmacks, Haines Junction, or any other community in the Yukon you may need legal representation.  It is worth asking, “does my injury lawyer need to be located in the Yukon?”, the short answer, they do not. Read on to find out about how your injury lawyer does not need to be based in the province or territory you live in.  Although based in Edmonton, Rick Mallett has been a member of the Law Society of Yukon since 1999. 

Understanding Jurisdictional Boundaries

While your case will be heard in a court in the Yukon if it goes to trial, many steps will likely take place virtually. The insurance company adjusters and lawyers will likely be based in Edmonton, Vancouver or another urban centre. Thus, even if your lawyer is based in Yukon, and you can meet them in person routinely, they’ll likely be meeting the insurance company representatives virtually.

The lawyer you choose must be licensed to practice in the area where your accident happened. For example, Rick Mallett has been a member of the Law Society of the Yukon for over 24 years. He is permitted to practice law in the Yukon. As you are researching injury lawyers outside the Yukon, ensure that they understand the laws of the Yukon and have practiced there before.

Experience with Yukon Injury Law

Motor vehicle accidents in the Yukon are different than accidents in urban settings. Any injury lawyer you work with must understand that. They are more frequently on highways, occur at speed, feature large vehicles like trailers or construction equipment, and are often catastrophic. Thus, your injury lawyer needs to have experience in catastrophic highway collisions.  

Additionally, there are some subtle differences in each province and territory for the rules of the road. Your injury lawyer needs to be familiar with the laws of the area. Furthermore, the experts and analysts that your injury lawyer hires to help understand your accident, determine the losses, and overall build your case need to understand the differences of accidents in places like the Yukon versus, say, Southern Ontario. For example, road conditions, weather, road design, road users, brightness, and darkness, are all frequent factors in Yukon motor vehicle accidents. Experts and analysts with experience with this can make a big difference in your case.

Things to Consider When Picking an Injury Lawyer Outside Yukon

If you do choose to hire an injury lawyer outside of Yukon, here are some other things to consider:

  • Time zone – Working with somebody who works similar hours to you is easier. Somebody in the Mountain or Pacific time zone would be easier than Eastern or Atlantic time.
  • Communication Skills – Communicating and working virtually are unique skills. When you do your free consultation with any injury lawyer you are meeting with, it is important to ask how they work virtually. Do they have the software and other features that make working virtually feel like working in person?
  • Results – In your free consultation, asking about previous results is important. What has the injury lawyer achieved in cases similar to yours?

Hammer Injury Law, Advocating for Accident Victims in Yukon

Since 1999, Rick Mallett has been a steadfast advocate for injury law in the Yukon, deeply understanding the region’s legal landscape. His belief is unwavering: everyone, no matter their location, deserves top-tier legal representation. This commitment is why Hammer Injury Law is dedicated to serving the injured residents of Yukon, ensuring they receive the settlements they rightfully deserve.  By offering a free consultation, Rick will help you understand your rights and guide you through the complexities of your injury claim with expertise and dedication. With Rick Mallett, you’re choosing a partner committed to your cause, ensuring your voice is heard, and your rights are fiercely protected.